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How did LOGIX become the leading ICF in North America? By providing a wall system that is stronger, more energy efficient, sound resistant and environmentally sustainable than traditional construction methods.

With an effective R-Value* of up to 48, LOGIX is the only fully integrated ICF system that offers a choice of panel thickness, core thickness and web type. Its unique form locks ensure wall straightness, making LOGIX the easiest ICF product to install, and delivering more profit and fewer hassles.

LOGIX XRV Panels are most useful for buildings in areas requiring higher energy savings or higher insulation values, such as places with extreme temperature swings or extremely cold climates. The LOGIX XRV Panels can provide R-values ranging from R-28 to R-66* by increasing the foam panel thickness from 2.75 inches to 8 inches.

Standard Form 90° Corner  Form
45° Degree Form Brick Ledge Form
Taper Top Form Transition Block Form
Pilaster Form Double Taper Top Form
90° Knockdown Corner Form 90° Knockdown Corner Form
Half Height Standard Form 90° Corner Half Height Form
45° Corner Half Height Form End Cap
4 Inch Height Adjuster XRV Panels

Standard Form

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